February 2020 MRRS

February 29th at 4 P.M. EDT/10 P.M. CET Check your time Zone here – https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?pl=1&lid=12,5&h=12 Welcome to MRRS – MAN Rotational Rival Series MRRS will be a monthly tournament that rotates between different game modes each month, such as MANdicap, random draft, Rumble, etc. MRRS will be a Swiss Bracket Bo3, and the number of round will depend on the amount of teams we have. Game mode Rotation – Rumble. Random Draft, Snow Day, Mandicap, Drop Shot, Special Mode Prizes – MRRS winners can choose server emotes plus getting a MRRS champ role. if anyone has any questions feel free to DM me. Tournament Join link:https://battlefy.com/middle-age-noobs/february-2020-mrrs-random-draft/5e2cfae84d060246a49ebc56/info

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