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Title: Staff

Born: 1986

Resides: Orlando, FL

Core Responsibilities: Website, Marketing, Merchandising, Development

Kearthe is a husband and father of 2 children. He is one of the original founders and owner of Middle Age Noobs. He has been running communities, groups, clans, & organizations such as this one for more than 20 years online and IRL. He has his hand and influence in nearly every administrative thing that happens here at MAN. 

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Title: Staff

Born: 1986

Resides: Greenville, SC

Core Responsibilities: Accounting, Strategy, & Product Development

Critter is a husband and father and an original founding member of Middle Age Noobs.  He has just obtained his BA in Emergency Management while Coaching Little League, and working 2 full time jobs. If he ever gets any free time he usually spends it getting back up to speed with what’s happening in MAN, weighing in on decisions he missed, and getting a few games in while he can.



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Title: Staff

Born: 1982

Resides: Alberta, Canada

Core Responsibilities: Communications, Strategy, & eSports Management

Maple is currently pursuing a degree, working full time, and raising a family. He is the only member of staff who was not originally a founding member. He enjoys socializing, making people laugh, and helping people however he can. He recently retired from his second job serving his community in the political arena to spend more time with his family.




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