Role: Event Manager

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General Information

Event managers are core members of the community that run recurring events for a specific game, such as our weekly mixer events or our training camps. Event managers are volunteers and will have some permissions within the discord to complete the tasks they need to keep their events advertised and well attended.


Discord: Event Manager

The event manager role will provide access to post in any of the upcoming events channels, the ability to create/remove voice channels from the community events header and the ability to move people around within that category.

The role requires the event manager to hold an event at least once every 2 weeks on a continual basis. If an event is missed twice, the role will be removed unless the event manager is unavailable and has let staff know. If the role is removed, it can be regained by reapplying through the normal event application process.


  • Post an event in the upcoming event channel between 2 and 7 days from the event.
  • Within 24 hours of the completion of an event, remove the advertisement posting and ensure that staff are made aware for any changes required to the website or to roles that should be awarded.
  • Ensure that the Q&A channel (#event-chat) is being monitored to answer questions that people may have.
  • If you are not available for a recurring event, you may find a suitable replacement and ensure that a post is made in upcoming events clearly stating any actions you need members to take.
  • Events with poor attendance records may be discontinued at Staff discretion.


  • Event managers are expected to be professional and respectful of all players within and outside of our community.
  • While event managers are responsible for their own event, they are still running a MAN event. As a result, some events may need to be modified by the staff in order to best meet our mandate and our community goals.


300 canes per event run, to a maximum of 1 event weekly.

To qualify for rewards, an event must be determined to have required this role and required work to put it on. While the organizer can participate, they should be prepared to handle issues if required.


A password will be emailed to you.