Role: Stream Team

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General Information

Members of the stream team are officially endorsed streamers who embody our values of fair play and respectful gaming. The are members of the online gaming community and they are partners we are looking to grow our online community with.


Discord: Stream Team


Above all, Stream Team members need to share our values and ensure that they are inclusive of all gamers, non-toxic and encouraging to even the newest of players. In order to meet these, our requirements are:

  • Need to be friendly and respectful to all players of all skill levels.
  • Must stream consistently and on a regular basis (Ie: Schedule).
  • Must be engaging with your community and viewers.
  • Have at least 50% as many followers as the official Middle Age Noobs channel.


MAN is a gaming community that provides a respectful atmosphere for all gamers but primarily for adults. In order to meet our values and mission, we expect the following:

  • Must post the staff supplied banner on your twitch panels.
  • Must prioritize raiding other Stream Team members when online.
  • Must prioritize Auto-Hosting other members of the Stream Team.
  • Must implement a staff supplied bot command advertising at least every 30 minutes.
  • Display a on screen advertisement once per stream.


  • Special Discord Role for greater visibility when your channel goes live.
  • Automatic chat notification when you go live on discord.
  • Listed on the official MAN Twitch as a member of the stream team.


A password will be emailed to you.