Role: Team MAN

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General Information

MAN team members, regardless of their game, are recognized members of the community that have been invited to join a team. These members are among the best players in MAN within their respective games and are also expected to lead by example within the community as they should embody the vision and values of MAN. These members are selected by various methods, such as tryouts or simply being selected. Team members will receive some stream support benefits from the community and may receive other perks as well.


Discord: Appropriate MAN Team Role (Ie: TEAM MAN RL – NA 1)

This role provides access to individual team channels for written chat, a common chat channel for each game and some voice chat channels. It also provides team members with the ability to move non-team members into the various team channels.


In order to be a member of a MAN team, there are certain requirements that MAN requires from team members:

  • Must be an active member of the community
  • Must not be known to be toxic or negative in the community
  • Must embody the values of man, specifically being respectful and non-toxic
  • Must be willing to provide an agreed amount of time per week towards practices and tournaments, with understanding for times when life gets in the way
  • During tournaments, the teams must be identified as Team MAN REGION NUMBER. (ie: Team MAN NA 1)
  • While playing in tournaments it is required that you use the provided image as your profile picture. This will be a MAN logo.
  • Team members will be asked for information for a profile on the website. While not all information needs to be provided that relates to personal information, we ask that all information be provided to the requestor within a week.
  • Team members are asked to save replays from each game in a tournament. This will be used for analysis as well as the creation of team montages. The captain of the team will be responsible for ensuring that the replays are placed in the team channel..


While players on the MAN teams are encouraged to win as much as they can, that is not what we expect. Our expectations for our teams are:

  • Have fun while you play. If you are feeling tilted, especially while on stream, keep in mind that you represent MAN and we want our teams to represent our values of being respectful.
  • Practice together as often as you can, but at least once a week
  • Review personal sponsorships with the Team Manager, to avoid a conflict of interest as we endeavour to gain meaningful sponsorships for our teams as we grow and improve.


Our TEAM members will be able to get some things, depending on what is agreed upon when the team is joined

  • Become a stream partner without meeting our minimum requirements. Each team should have at least one streamer on it. If you are a streamer, we will make you a stream team partner. While you do not need to meet our minimum requirements, you do need to follow our other requirements related behavior and other things. Speak to staff about this.
  • Eventually, it is our hope to grow enough to gain meaningful sponsorships to properly support you. When we do, we will ensure that appropriate benefits are offered to players. This could mean jerseys, computer components, or other such things. This will be discussed when it happens.
  • If a team makes it to a LAN, MAN will purchase team jerseys for the members. Enough notice must be given to have those jerseys made, and all endeavours will be made to have them to team members.
  • Additional accommodations may be made available based on financial considerations made by the organization in the future.


A password will be emailed to you.