I’m sure this second announcement will be no surprise either. We would like to honor Beer & Bratwurst for his many contributions over the last 18 months. Beer is one of the most selfless and amazing friends one could hope to have met in their life time. From the very beginning he dove right in to help even though he was never asked, whether supporting us on reddit, inviting new members, making sure everyone felt how welcome they are in our community. Either via initiating conversations with total strangers, or checking up on folks well being for no other reason than because he cared.

This doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of everything he has contributed behind the scenes offering opinions, guidance, and fresh ideas at every opportunity. He consistently goes above and beyond to offer his assistance to the staff and the community at large, for no other reason than helping out is his pleasure. It is truly our pleasure to bestow this honor upon him for going above and beyond to help MAN become such a great place to be a part of.

As a way to show how much we appreciate Beer & Bratwurst, please join #chat throughout the day and feel free to share any good, positive or really funny stories about Beer & Bratwurst and your interactions with him. Remember, we are celebrating, so while being funny is okay, let’s keep it respectful!

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