As part of our organizational changes in November, we would like to introduce a new role to the community. The role is called ‘Community Figure’. Some may have noticed that the role existed for a short period, but it was quickly removed because we did it wrong.

Now, we are getting it right.

The Community Figure role will be given out to members of our community that, over a long period of time, have done numerous things that have gone well above and beyond when it comes to supporting the community. These members will receive a special role, direct access to staff through a special channel, and will be put on the website in a special section where they are identified.

Our first receipient needs no introduction…but she will get one anyway. She has been with us for a long time and in that time has been a friendly voice in our #chat channel and in voice chats. She has welcomed more new members than almost anybody and has always done so without being asked. She has earned the respect, admiration and appreciation of those who know her within our community and she has even attended #LANdon and made a wonderful lasting impression among those who attended. She is also a lover of cats and arguably has the coolest accent in the discord.

Please congratulate our first ever Community Figure @elmlea!

As a way to show how much we appreciate her, please join #chat throughout the day and feel free to share any good, positive or really funny stories about Elmlea and your interactions with her. Remember, we are celebrating, so while being funny is okay, let’s keep it respectful!

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