Yet another community figure that should come as absolutely no surprise. We would like to honor Marc3line for her many contributions to the server. Marc3line has an amazing personality and has never met a stranger. She has always gone out of her way to make sure people feel welcome in our community. Whether inviting new folks to games or conversations, or explaining how things work time and time again. Marc3line has offered to help on countless occasions and was extremely instrumental in the success of #LANVegas ’18.

Just to give you an idea of the kind of person Marc3line is, she drove total strangers across state lines to ensure they made it to LANVegas. To top that once she arrived, she then spent her entire first day/night of LAN picking up every single person from the airport. Drove people countless places during LAN, and went hours on end starving to ensure every single person was taken care of and had the time of their life. She is the definition of selflessness and it is our great honor to bestow this special role upon her. I know this doesn’t even begin to cover the numerous other ways Marc3line has looked out for everyone’s wellbeing and enjoyment in our server. We look forward to working more closely with Marc3line and having her input to ensure this is the kind of place that folks just like her will always enjoy being a part of.

As a way to show how much we appreciate her, please join #chat throughout the day and feel free to share any good, positive or really funny stories about Marc3line and your interactions with her. Remember, we are celebrating, so while being funny is okay, let’s keep it respectful!

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