DnD Night

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Event Manager(s): okapi

How To Participate: DM @Okapi on discord to sign up for the event.

What is DnD Night?:

The Edge of Uros, a MAN DnD Adventure. Seasoned dragon-slayers and novice adventurers alike gather in the Horn and Heart to strategize their next foray into the wilds of Uros. This game has been designed specifically for MAN to accomodate a large pool of players with busy, ever-changing schedules.

What is this game? The Edge of Uros is an open-world sandbox-style RPG designed for MAN by Okapi. It mostly uses the DnD Fifth Edition rules.

How big is this commitment? As big or as little as you’d like. Uros is a sandbox-style game; there is no main quest nor are there “unmissable” sessions. Adventuring parties are organized on the fly every week. Join the battalion to push back the orc horde, or team up with another rogue to raid the dwarven crypts. If you can’t play in any given week, just don’t sign up for any sessions. However, characters who adventure more often will gain more experience and obtain more loot than characters who sit in the Horn and Heart all day. If you do sign up for a session, expect it to last around three hours unless otherwise specified.

What if I’ve never played DnD before? Great! This game has been designed to be friendly towards new players. Contact Okapi if you have any questions, or if you’d like help making a character.

Isn’t DnD for nerds? Yes.

What do I need to do to get started?  Before you jump in, you’ll need to make a level four character. You can check out Okapi’s suggestions for making a character https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ok7txehIIj0hA187vFTD0fhehtt8stxJT-k-ipfcRTY/edit

Questions?: Message @okapi or stop into the #event-chat text channel on discord for any further questions or details.

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