Mutator Games Night

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What is Mutator Games Night?: Each week we’ll mix things up and play some chill inhouses with the mutator settings. Think pinball, move the mountain, or high gravity dropshot! If you need a break from grinding ranked and want to have some fun, drop in and have a go!

How to participate?: We’ll begin gathering in the Lobby voice chat. Everyone will be able to vote for the game mode they like the sound of best, the Event Manager will set up the game servers with the chosen mutator settings, and the games can begin! We want to keep it relaxed, so it’s fine to join late or leave early, but the more the merrier. The event will be run on EU or NA servers unless agreed otherwise and, anyone is welcome to join!

Questions?: Post a message in #event-chat tagging one of the appropriate event managers for your region!

A password will be emailed to you.