Happy Birthday MiddleAgeNoobs!

February 2019 brings with it MAN’s second birthday and an opportunity to reflect on the last year. The last twelve months have seen all sorts of changes for us and we’d like to talk about those and how the changes we’ve seen have helped pave the path forward for MAN as we enter into our third year.

In this last year, we changed the staff hierarchy to make it easier for members to get answers to questions, get responses to concerns and to have somebody present when they need an answer. Some of the changes include seeing two community managers instead of one and adding more moderators to the team. We posted an open application period for the positions and were surprised with the number of responses we got. A lot of amazing people applied and eventually we put together a staff that we are proud of and that represents the various people and groups within our community.

As a result of the application process, we developed a new role; Community Figures, which was put in place as a way for us to recognize people in the community that we felt had gone well above and beyond what we think the average member does for us. We were proud to introduce some great people, and as of now, we have 4.

In the past year, we watched as two RLCS events were attended by members of MAN, and excitedly, they were amazing successes where a lot of stories and pictures were shared with the entire community. MAN was not only represented, but a lot of friendships were forged and still hold strong.

Our community has grown by about 1500 people in the past year, a number that is staggering which has led to our moderators and community managers being a lot busier than ever before. But, it has also let to new event managers that have stepped up for us and run our events. With the exception of MCCS, all of our events are now run by community members who constantly are giving back.

This year, we have seen some new events. Dahlema has recently started holding alternate competitive tournaments like hoops. Drizzy, Ned and Trip have organized and started the first ever Book Club which has about a dozen people that are actively participating and always looking for new members. Blue has recently started a skills camp for Gold 1 or lower players, which is combining with Braided’s other training camp to provide lots of chances for players to improve in Rocket League. In Overwatch, we started with a bang and have settled out to about a dozen regular players including a Top 500 player, Riv, who is always willing to help out and play with our people.

Overall, we have seen a ton of people step up and create a great community and awesome experiences for everybody. So, now that we’re here, what do we intend to focus on in our next year?

In order to look at where we are going, we need to look at our past and what we set out to do when MAN was first created.

MAN was created as a group among friends where mature players could come together and play some games without the usual toxic attitudes that are common among a lot of gamers. In 2018, we defined that as Expect Respect. In some ways, we have lost our way a little bit, in that sometimes we focus on the wrong things. For most adults, gaming is about having fun, enjoying a hobby with like-minded people and providing a bit of an escape from the negatives of real life. At times, we’ve been guilty of getting caught focusing on the negatives, instead of the positives.

Our direction forward, unlike 2018, isn’t going be about growth. It’s going to be about getting back to our roots. Following the mantra of Expect Respect, we are going to get back to the core of what that means and the core of what we started out to do. Have fun without the negativity that sometimes comes with gaming.

We want to work harder on making sure our community is healthy, happy and enjoying themselves. That means being vigilant about the negativity within the community and working to find resolutions to whatever issues are identified. We want to make sure that we continue to support our staff and event managers so they can continue to provide the best possible experience and help to our community.

So let’s play some games and have fun while we do it!

Thank you to each and every member of our community. Without our supporters, we could not continue to provide giveaways, host our website or work on making things better. Without our friends, we wouldn’t have MAN and wouldn’t have a purpose. So to each of you, thank you. See you on the playing field, whichever one that is!

Thank you and happy MANiversary,

Kearthe, Maple and Critter

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