Hello all, just wanted to throw out some general information on using Battlefy as this will be the first tournament where we are letting Battlefy do all the heavy lifting so we know many of you have never used it before. We wanted to share some information on what to expect, and what to do, so you are all better prepared for tonight’s event to go smoothly.

How to get help:

@Staff Members @Eric & @Kearthe will be available in the discord server Tournament Help Voice chat to help with any questions or issues. Feel free to come in that channel and request help via voice, If you are unable to communicate via voice @Staff in Text Chat will work as well.

What do I need to do?

The Event starts officially at 8:00PM Eastern US (EST) You or your team captain will need to use the below Battlefy site many times during the tournament so keep it handy.


You will need to check-in on Battle Fy in order to participate.

You can check in up to 1 hour early, and at any time up until the event start time.

Free Agents who check in will be seeded randomly to teams by the order that they check-in, until a full team can no longer be made. (The Earlier You Check In The Better Your Chances of Playing As a Free Agent are)

Teams will have 5 minutes to click I’m ready to start their next match.

Failure to Ready Up for a match, will result in a loss for the team who does not ready up.

How To Check In

Once the tournament Check In Period Starts you will see on the right a big red Check In Button.

Next You will have to confirm your starting roster, by clicking Check Roster.

Once you have confirmed, and edited who will be present &  playing on your team during the tournament you can click the Player Menu button on the bottom right. You can make additional changes to the Roster by clicking the Roster Button on the bottom right, next to the Player Menu button until tournament start time.

Once your match is ready you will have 10 minutes to click i’m ready.

Once Both teams are ready you will see Go To Match turn RED, click on it and it will bring you to a new screen where you can communicate with the other team to setup the game & report scores.

Coordinate with the other team in the available chat to figure out who is making the game, and what the game info will be.

Someone will need to report the outcome of each game, and if there are any disagreements on the outcome or other issues – players can click “Report Match Issue” to notify administration to resolve it.

After this is done you will await your next match and repeat the steps above until the tournament is over!


Best of luck!



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