About Us

Expect Respect

Have you ever imagined a world where you could play video games online, free of judgement, harassment, toxicity, and abuse. Where everybody could treat each other with respect regardless of skill, background, gender, political views, sexual orientation, you name it. Well we built it!

That doesn’t mean we shy away from the real world and just prohibit real talk between real adults. We just ask that you respect others, and their right to have a different life and opinions than you. Once upon a time, folks could disagree without attacking or disrespecting one another. We believe strongly that world is still possible, even on the internet!

Sick of playing alone?

Well good news, we currently have one of the most active discord’s in all of Rocket League, but we do play a lot more than just Rocket League. You will likely find more people in voice chats playing all manner of games and socializing in our discord than any other you’ve been in before.

We also do social events that are aimed at helping folks get acquainted and meet someone new. Events like Beer League where adults get together, have a few cold ones, play a little music, and forget the stress of the day. Be sure to look out for Mutator night for some wacky fun and games. If that’s not your cup of tea you might consider attending one of our Random Draft tournaments. Where players are matched up with 3 people at random with the hopes of playing with someone you haven’t played with before for fun in a casual tournament.

Legendary ‘Inhouses’ & ‘Outhouses’

One of the things we have done frequently since we started is organize ‘inhouse’ private games where everyone joins the same private server and chooses a random team. Then proceeds to play, banter, and connect with other like minded individuals for some very casual and relaxed social experiences.

Members have also started organizing ‘Outhouses’ Where players all attempt to connect to the same public lobby via join on friends to reap the rewards that are often tied to public lobbies and still preserve that legendary ‘inhouse’ experience. No matter which you prefer, both still happen every day, and you will quickly come to understand why we became so well known for these experiences.

Looking to Improve?

We foster a great environment for players of all skill levels who wish to improve their skill. We have weekly events such as training camps available for you to learn from players who are more than willing to share what they have mastered throughout their journey. We have casual and competitive tournaments designed to meet new folks, make new friends, and/or put your skills to the test in a friendly environment free of ridicule.

Players of all skill levels play together casually, socializing, and having fun without flaming each other, every single day in our discord. You’d be surprised how much you can learn in this environment.

Responsive Staff

We pride ourselves in being extremely responsive to our community members needs and wants. We actively respond, discuss, and act upon feedback. We made this place for all of you, and it means nothing without you. So we really care what you have to say. We will never please everyone, but we will always strive to do our very best to make every experience the best it can be.

Our moderation team is also extremely active and available. We are always happy, willing, and ready to serve the members of our community. It is our mission to respond to issues and inquiries in less than 5 minutes, though most get resolved in seconds. We also do not hesitate to introduce disrespectful folks to the ban hammer. After all, if you didn’t get the memo by now that we expect respect then this is probably not the community for you.

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