We have finished some updates to the website and are excited to load in 11 new events for the month of September! We have made some progress towards our goal of having weekly events! We are working hard to accomplish the things you all have asked for repeatedly since our inception. So we are going to be trying out some new things and are excited to get your feedback as we continue to grow and improve. We have worked out a monthly schedule that we hope to repeat in similar fashion each month, giving us 11 events per month to manage, with better support for EU & Xbox which has been underserved thus far. We have been listening to what you guys have been asking for, and working diligently to implement it. We have hit road block after road block on many things but we are working through it!

Here is our checklist of delivering on some of our goals and what the community has asked for.

EU based events (Implemented 5 new EU based Events with EU Friendly times & servers)

Xbox Based Events (We now have 3 events that include Xbox users)

More Frequent Events (We now have events at least once per week)

Tournaments that account for skill (this has been the most requested and the most difficult of all tasks, more on this below)

Implemented new discord role (M.A.N. of Honor) for those who have contributed in their own special way to make this place better.

We have implemented the use of Join Codes to make our tournaments more exclusive to the community members.

Match making bot will go live this week to make it easier to find friends to play with.

Events to honor and give back to MAN Card holders who have helped us pay the bills. Our Bots, Website, Ark Servers, & Prize Pools wouldn’t be possible without your support. Thank you for that!

We have rolled honoring the MAN Card Holders & Skill based tournaments into two events, that will be for MAN Card Holders only. Why?

We initially set out to offer cash prize pools and charge a small entry fee to participate in certain tournaments which would have made it possible for us to run almost daily tournaments to allow us to better divide up tournaments into Gold, Plat, Diamond, Champ, specific tournaments to keep the competition high and the prize pools worth playing for. After struggling with platforms, and a host of other implementation issues we discovered that there were also potential legal issues as well. Apparently paying to enter online tournaments is viewed as “gambling” in many parts of the world making it illegal for us to do so.

After talks with lawyers who are subject matter experts we have reached a solution to the problem, that will not immediately allow us to divide the tournaments up as we initially hoped. What we are able to do is host tournaments for our current subscriber base, as a perk for subscribing. However, that would not necessarily allow us much in terms of prize pool winnings when spread across the 20+ tournaments it would take to have done this for you guys. So we are going to beta test 2 different Diamond 1 and Under events exclusive to our subscribers to honor them, and to see if the subscriber option can actually work to pull off the division by skill we hoped to achieve initially. With that said, we have incorporated a free month trial to the MAN Card Subscription service so that you can try the events out and see if it’s worth obtaining your own MAN Card and we will still have plenty of our fun, social, and open to all competitive events for members who are not subscribers as well.

The amount of growth and participation we have seen the last few weeks has been amazing. We sincerely appreciate all of the support you guys have given us since our inception and we hope to continue making your gaming experiences more enjoyable for years to come! Thank you all for being a part of Middle Age Noobs!


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