May 2020 – Major Staff Changes


For a while now, our staff has been sitting at only a couple of positions and levels. This made it so that if somebody wanted to be on staff, they had to be a moderator. In light of some upcoming changes which will be announced at a different time, we will be making a significant change to the staff structure. This will allow better and more responsive decision making, others to join staff without having to be a moderator, and a clear set of roles and expectations for each team and each level of staff.

Right now, our staff structure involves only a few positions:

Admin -> Chief of Staff -> Community Manager -> Moderator -> Programmer

As you can see, there are no clear lines of responsibility and accountability. Today, we are announcing that there will be 4 levels of staff, and at the bottom level, 9 teams. We will have:

Admin -> Department Manager -> Team Coordinator -> Team

And the 9 teams will be:

Moderators, Website, Discord, Events, Tournaments, Partnerships, Streaming, Social Media and Graphics.

Each team will be responsible for their own area of the community. Members may apply to be part of more than 1 team. One coordinator will be responsible for a specific team, and eventually we want it to be a place where a person can only be a coordinator for only one team. Finally, we have three department managers who will each watch over and support 3 coordinators and their respective teams. Almost all decisions, except those requiring permissions and bots, will be made at the manager level and not require the permission of the admin(s).

This is a lofty staff structure, but it does work. We are not re-inventing anything, we are using the base structure from another discord and it works well, and more community members get involved in different areas.

A display of what this org chart looks like will follow this post, as will clarity as to which each team is responsible for.

Joining Staff

In the past, we had a rule that you had to be 18 to be on staff. That rule will be removed. There are many discords that function with under 18-year-old staff members. Instead, we will look at the applicants closely to determine their ability to do the job.

Also, we will be removing the requirement to be a member of the community for any specific length of time. This will be done because it used to be six months, but what if we have somebody that has the skillset to help right away? We should not penalize those people. Now, we may choose to place a limit on coordinators or above, but that will be job specific and will be included in the application.

Finally, we used to announce almost all of the joining and departures from staff. We will not likely be doing that anymore. Instead, we will create a channel called #directory and here you will be able to see the members of each team. With our new structure it is too cumbersome to post every new and former staff member.

Finally, we will be looking to build our community and add new features. To do that, we will need some help. You will see some new faces on staff over the next week, but they will be accompanied by an announcement (Likely Wednesday) regarding how we are growing and expanding what we do and how we do it. Also, we will need more staff. Please stay tuned for an open application to fill various staff roles.

The current staff are all on board and have all been made aware of the change. They are filling various positions, which will be indicated on the org chart which will be posted after this message. Thank you all, and have fun out there!

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