We are very excited to announce that we will be stepping up our social media game as we transition into 2019. The organizational restructuring we’ve been chipping away at has been aimed to get more things crossed of our to do list. One of the things we haven’t done very well in the past is represent the community in relation to social media. Initially, we will begin the process of publishing regular content on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter, in the coming days to get prepared to fuel our growth in 2019.

Why Growth? We have been asked how many people does MAN need? It’s really not about how many more people we need, it’s about the folks that may need us. We started this community with a mission to find team mates who wouldn’t go out of the way to make our experience miserable. Especially when our lives actually let us sit down and enjoy our favorite hobby. We definitely never expected a year later to be serving thousands of amazing people, who wanted the same thing.

Many of you share your stories frequently of what a positive impact our work has had on your lives. We stumbled upon a major void that needed to be filled in the gaming community, and probably the internet at large. This experience has been an unforgettable journey. One that we’ve been so fortunate to share with so many people across the globe. The same as I did then, I now ask the following: Why wouldn’t we want everyone who felt like we all once did, to know gaming and the internet doesn’t have to be like that? Why wouldn’t we want to share what we have with the rest of the mature minded folks out there? Who are likely just as sick of enduring the lengths people will go to enhance their own egos at the expense of your enjoyment.


How can you help? The easiest way for you to help us accomplish this mission is by supporting us on the platforms we use to share our story with the world. Following, liking, commenting, and/or sharing your own story, review, or opinion of us on any or all of the social media platforms you frequent such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, & Reddit is one of the most effective ways you can help. Another thing that would be extremely helpful is to providing us with regular #feedback on the content our team is putting out, so we know when we are hitting the mark and when we are missing it.



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