Meet The Team


Role: Admin

Born: 1990

Resides: Ohio, USA

Core Responsibilities: Managing the discord, website, paypal, patreon.

Interests: Rocket League, Cars, And other games.


Role: Engagement Manager

Born: 1988

Resides: BC, Canada

Core Responsibilities: Managing Events

Interests: Rocket League & Other games, TV/Movies, Books/Graphic Novels, Conventions.


Title: Community Manager

Born: 1994

Resides: Stockholm, Sweden

Core Responsibilities: Managing the discord

Interests: Rocket League, Nintendo, Cats, Baking, Coffee and Cake.


Title: Media Manager

Born: 1989

Resides: BC, Canada

Core Responsibilities: Managing all our social and digital media.

Interests: Rocket League, Board Games, Animals, Anime, Winning.

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