In the NA timezone, we felt that we have some great moderators who are active and have a proven track record of quick and accurate resolution to the community’s needs. They do a fantastic job and we really appreciate their service as I know you all do as well. So that leaves only an NA Community Manager position to fill.

Community Manager: We had a lot of phenominal applicants and one of the toughest decisions we could ever hope to make. In the end, one individual stood out to us and so we are very proud to welcome @YamiraKun to the position of NA Community Manager for Rocket League. Yami has been a member of MAN for quite some time and is passionate about playing with everybody, having fun and enjoying his time here and making sure others do too. We also believe he will do a great job representing MAN in the Rocket League community overall in social outlets that he frequents such as reddit, facebook and twitter. We also believe he is someone many of you know well, who is very approachable, available, and who will represent your best interests in future decisions.

Please join us in welcoming YamiraKun to the team!

This will conclude our new staff addition announcements, though we have plans to fill some other positions in our organization in the coming days. From here we will have a special announcement each day in discord for some really special folks we would like to honor as well. Stay tuned for more opportunities to help serve the community we all love and enjoy every day.

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