Middle Age Noobs – Page 4 – Expect Respect

Community Figure: Marc3line

Post has published by Kearthe
Yet another community figure that should come as absolutely no surprise. We would like to honor Marc3line for her many contributions to the server. Marc3line has an amazing personality and has never met a stranger. She has always gone out of her way to make sure people feel welcome in...

Community Figure: Beer & Bratwurst

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I'm sure this second announcement will be no surprise either. We would like to honor Beer & Bratwurst for his many contributions over the last 18 months. Beer is one of the most selfless and amazing friends one could hope to have met in their life time. From the very...

Community Figure: Elmlea

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As part of our organizational changes in November, we would like to introduce a new role to the community. The role is called 'Community Figure'. Some may have noticed that the role existed for a short period, but it was quickly removed because we did it wrong. Now, we are...

New NA Staff Announcements

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In the NA timezone, we felt that we have some great moderators who are active and have a proven track record of quick and accurate resolution to the community's needs. They do a fantastic job and we really appreciate their service as I know you all do as well. So...

New EU Staff Announcements

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With a lot of excitement, we are announcing changes to our staff team. These changes are very significant and they represent our desire to focus on better serving our current members and also growing our community at the same time. EU Staff Team Starting with the EU, we felt that...

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