The Rocket League Friends List update (previously known as RocketID) is LIVE on all platforms! If you don’t see the update, try restarting Steam or your console.
With this update, we really hope that more of our members that play on consoles become more active in the server! We’re looking forward to playing with you!

Friends List Explained

For those that can’t see the video or prefer to read, you can find a written explanation further down.


Friends List

  • Friends List is now available in the main menu.
  • Friends List is composed of 4 tabs.
    • Platform Friends shows friends from your current platform, and is populated automatically with the friends you already have.
    • RocketID shows RocketID friends and allows you to create parties and add friends by searching for their RocketID.
    • Recent Players shows the last 25 players you’ve played with or against. You can add friends from this tab.
    • Notifications houses all of your alerts: friend requests, party invites, club invites, and miscellaneous notifications.
  • Your RocketID is composed of your player name and 4 randomized numbers.
    • You can only change the name portion of your RocketID.


  • Competitive Season 10 begins (ranks will have a soft reset)
  • Distribution of Competitive Season 9 Rewards (these can take some time to appear in your account)
    • Wheels
    • Titles for Grand Champion Rank in Extra Modes
      • Rumble – Season 9 RNG Champ
      • Dropshot – Season 9 Floor Destroyer
      • Hoops – Season 9 Dunk Master
      • Snow Day – Season 9 Blizzard Wizard

Additional Highlights

  • Extra Modes can now be accessed in Free Play.
  • Players can now see their Weekly Wins remaining on the XP screen after each game.
  • Clubs are now cross-platform.
  • ‘Curveball’ is now available as a Ball Physics Mutator.
    • Available in Local Matches, Private Matches, and Tournaments.
  • Audio mix has been updated.
  • “Input Buffer” option added to the Gameplay Options menu.
    • This setting controls which method the game uses to send your gameplay inputs to the Rocket League servers. These methods are:
      • Legacy – The default option used since Rocket League launched.
      • STS (Sim Time Scaling) – This allows the game server to instruct your client to very subtly speed up or slow down in order to maintain a smooth input stream.
      • CSTS (Continuous Sim Time Scaling) – A more aggressive version of STS that uses a continuous feedback loop to determine game speed.
    • Both STS and CSTS are newer strategies for latency mitigation that may be more effective for players with connectivity issues, spotty Wi-Fi, etc. than the Legacy method.
    • If you experience connectivity issues during a match, you should try switching from Legacy to STS or CSTS. If you see no improvement, change back to Legacy.

Below you can find links to the full patch notes on the Psyonix website, the Reddit thread of today’s update, and the friends list post. For a list of fixed bugs and known issues, see the bottom of the patch notes in the link below.

Patch Notes

Reddit Thread

Friends List Post


  • In-game event was cancelled to focus on a different event later in the year.
  • Psyonix is doing a double XP and double painted drop-rate weekend from March 7th to March 11th in place of the cancelled event (source at the bottom of this page).

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