Role: Coordinator

General Information
Coordinator are a member of staff that is responsible for working with there teams to ensure specific goals are being met for there specific areas they represent. Coordinator’s will represent the community and player’s interests, as well as be responsible for helping grow the community. For example, Coordinator’s also serve as community experts to help in an advisory capacity when members need assistance or we are looking to make changes and be able to ascertain how certain changes may positively or negatively affect the members, as such will need to be actively involved in the community they, and should seek to be in tune with what members want and need us to provide for them. Coordinator’s will report directly to there area’s managers in, but are expect to be just as involved in staff discussion, debate, and decisions concerning the community from the vantage point of the Community.

Discord: Coordinator
At a minimum, the Coordinator role will grant the abilities to kick, ban and mute members, remove content that is against our guidelines and change offensive nicknames.


In order to facilitate who we hire from the community, when a vacancy arises, staff will post it to the website and in the discord, calling for applications of interest. In order to fill this role, we require at a minimum:

  • Must be an active member of the community.
  • Must be committed to Middle Age Noobs community values.
  • Must be mature and able to handle the authority granted.
  • Must be interested in the betterment of the community and the staff vision.
  • Must be recognized in the community as a positive and active member.
  • Must be able to quickly determine a course of action and execute it when required.


  • Coordinator are expected to be actively involved and accountable for there area.
  • Be friendly and respectful.
  • Do not misuse or abuse authority.
  • Responsible there team’s hiring and removal.
  • Welcome new members in our general chats and provide support if needed.
  • Take necessary action in the event a member or staff member violates community guidelines.

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