One of the questions we get asked frequently is “How can I help keep man growing and going?”

Managing literally is @Staff ‘s first priority. We do have other full-time jobs as we have families to feed, but none of them get the amount of hours and attention that this community does and while that’s a tough reality at times. We do it because we believe in this place, and we love it as much as many of you do! Thankfully our families are very supportive of how passionate we are about this community.

We are very thankful for all the help from all of you. We love the work we do and all of you for sharing this with us. We want you to know that you being part of our community is the most amazing way you can help us! But, if you’d like to do more to help us out, here are the simplest and most effective ways you can support us.

Be Active: Being an active member of the community is the biggest way that you can support us. Chatting with us, playing games, inviting your friends and participating in the events helps motivate us to keep doing more for you guys!

Social Media: If you feel we’ve earned your follows please consider some of the other methods of support as well, How amazing would it be to have a Flag in Rocket League. We are working to achieve these dreams along side you, but we will need all the love, sweat, and support we can get to achieve this together.

Financial: If you feel our work has earned your financial support. Consider Donating or becoming a MAN Supporter from the links below. It helps us keep going, and helps us fund all the fun things we do for the community. Who knows, maybe one day your support will help us pull off even half the stuff we discuss wanting to do for all of you.

No matter what you decide, thank you for being here it sincerely means everything to us

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