It is with great pride we formally announce that Team MAN PUBG will be competing in the qualifier for the inaugural National PUBG League to take place in 2019. They will be competing in Round 1 of the qualifier Wednesday 12/12 @ 7:00 PM EST with subsequent rounds every night until Sunday. All weekday streams will be at 7:00 PM EST and weekend streams for the final rounds competition begins at 4:00 PM EST.

How does it work?  Each round will consist of 4 games, where teams will be split into lobbies of 16 teams. Teams will compete for placement points and points per kill. At the end of 4 games, the top half of teams based on cumulative points in each lobby will advance to the next round. Each round will be played in 1 day, except for the last round. The last round of the competition will be 8 games, played 4 games on the 1st day and 4 games on the 2nd day. The top 24 teams remaining in the Qualifier will advance to the Preseason where they will play against 8 invited teams for a total of 32 teams.

The first round will be the only round where there could be a number of teams other than 16 per lobby. For example, in the event of 100 teams, we will have 8 lobbies of the following number of teams: 13/13/13/13/12/12/12/12 in Round 1. The top 8 from each lobby will advance, making Round 2, 4 lobbies of 16 teams each. The last round of the tournament will be 2 lobbies of 16 teams each, with the top 12 from each lobby moving on to the Preseason.

Roster: The beloved JD² from our Rocket League line up will be pairing up with the usual suspects, Doctor Claw, The Hoodie Noob, & Neph. The_Black_Sheep will unfortunately be out of town for the majority of this week taking care of some family stuff. We hope you enjoy some well deserved time off, Sheep. We look forward to your presence in future competitions.

How to support our team? Be sure to stop by the stream at and send some love and encouragement their way. Bear in mind per NPL rules the stream will be on an 8 minute delay and the players will be focused on the competition at hand. Meaning their responses may be limited, however they will hear you, see you, and feel you. So come share your energy and good vibes!

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