Whew. Round 1 was intense, and the competition is only heating up. There is some really tough competition in the NPL qualifiers, much respect for all the teams competing. We couldn’t be more proud of how our boys faired in Round 1 of the competition. Facing some difficult struggles, and some high quality marksmanship, they managed to hang in there strategically making the most of  the situations they found themselves in. Throughout the night you could witness the adversity they overcame, to still clutch a spot in round 2 is a testament to their dedication and ability to think strategically in any situation.

We witnessed quite a spectacle whether watching them all land some nice shots, or make some clutch call outs, tough decisions, or exhibit extreme patience that played a big role in clutching their position on the leaderboard. Witnessing them caught in long range fights with no long range weaponry and less than desirable scopes, despite fully looting areas very likely to yield such equipment. Or immediately losing Neph on a rough drop finds himself landing into an unavoidable game of Frogger with nowhere to run. Game 3 where Doctor Claw and Hoodie have an unfortunate wipe out in a vehicle and just so happen to stick the landing only to discover they crashed next to a player hiding alone in an open field who lights them up while they try to recover. Then of course there was the biggest hurtle of them all, the fatigue on our ‘older than your average gamer’ compadres that comes with participating in a slow moving tournament until the wee hours of the morning. All of this despite the majority of the team spending the better part of their day working full time jobs, helping raise a family, and/or helping keep a household in order just like many of you.

To persevere all of this and finish in the top 5 three times going on to place in the TOP 64 of NA teams who are fortunate enough to move on to today’s round 2 was no small feat, and we couldn’t be more proud of what you gentlemen were able to accomplish last night. Getting the first big competition jitters out of the way I know they are ready to give it all they’ve got for day 2 & 3, I know we are excited to see if you can push your way into the top 32 over these next 2 days and 8 games! We eagerly await the action, and can’t wait to see what you will accomplish next! Give them hell, noobs.

If you’d like to catch the action, you can tune into http://twitch.tv/doctorclaw to watch the tournament on a 10 minute delay (mandatory) tonight between 7 and 8:00 PM EST as they go live for check in. Be sure to drop him a follow so you are notified when things are underway. You can also follow the bracket on Battlefy

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