I joined this community to find some Rocket League players around my skill level because I was tired of solo-queuing, often finding toxic players on my team. I decided to give this group a try and MAN was I surprised! The group was organized, mature, and most importantly welcoming. Being instantly greeted and invited to join in on games was a nice change of pace from other gaming communities I had looked into before. And since the day I’ve joined I’ve met countless cool people and have made friends to play with across multiple games. This is no longer just a Rocket League Group like it used to be, but a platform to find new, mature, fun, and interesting people to share all of our favorite games with. I am glad to have gotten involved with this community when I did so I could see it grow, and now I am just as exited to see where it will be in the future. I am a proud Noob, and you should be too.

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