I joined MAN fairly early on, i was initially just looking for competitive games but what i found was so much better.

Over the years MAN has evolved and has become a very friendly fun loving community that does well to keep itself in check and strives to please its members as best it can. It has come to incorporate multiple games but at its core, there is a strong love for Rocket League and each other.

My best experience with MAN and one that i think shows how good a community it is; was attending the RLCS Season 5 World Championships in London!
That a group of around 20 or so people from across NA and EU all managed to meet up and hang out to watch RL live for a weekend is a massive shout out to how good and nice the people in this community are!

Since LANdons success we have seen the LAN vegas bring out close to 50 members for drinks and rocket league (i believe as sadly i couldnt attend) but ill be damn sure im not missing the next one!

Love this community! <3

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