As MiddleAgeNoobs is gearing up for growth again, we are looking for one or two people that are great with social media that want to help our presence online.

We are looking for some folks who are good with various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other platforms and that have the time to make posts and respond to people at least a couple times a week.

What do we see as somebody with the skill set to do this?

  1. Experience posting on various social media platforms and interacting with people afterwards (We will want to see your current social media presence)
  2. A member of MAN for at least six months, so you understand our community
  3. Somebody who is a good community member and who is active in the discord
  4. Somebody who can take direction from community managers
  5. Somebody who can come up with a plan to create a grow our social media presence
  6. We’d love it to be somebody who can also help us with growing youtube as well, but this isn’t a requirement.
  7. The ideal person knows our community and loves it as much as we do. They want to see MAN grow and flourish and also understand that being on staff means leading by example. You do not have to be 18 years old, but you do have to fall within the age limits of MAN as posted.

If you fit the above description, please apply by filling out our google form. Applications will remain open until April 3rd 2020.


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