Howdy Noobs! Phase 1 of long overdue updates is now live, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. We have been chipping away at this overhaul since February of this year on our staging site. Ultimately our goals for the site were very ambitious for our small web team and we have broken the overall project down into phases. Phase 1 is now complete and I wanted to share with you what took place. There will be more updates to come at a later time the details of which we will get into later. Phase 1 should be the most significant and noticeable of the updates, as well as tackle some of the biggest core issues we had with the previous version of the website.

Phase 1 Details

Primary Objectives

  • Modern look and feel
    • Entirely new theme & layout
    • New lightweight animations & interactions
  • Improved Mobile responsiveness
  • Improved Mobile Navigation
  • Improved Loading Times
  • Framework for Events to be displayed in a calendar for future use
    • It will take us some time to get everything fully converted to using the calendar
    • We still need to integrate the calendar into the discord in a meaningful & automated way
    • We still need to get event managers access & populating the calendars with their events
    • The ultimate goal here will be that an event manager just needs to populate the calendar and it will feed everywhere else automatically

Known Bugs

  • Shirts do not change the preview color, when selecting a different color in our store.
    • Most shirts appear in the gallery of images in the order they are listed on the store
    • If you are uncertain you are getting the color you want, feel free to reach out to Kearthe for confirmation.
  • Donation ‘Name your price’ feature displays twice
    • Cart check out process will confirm you see your amount twice, but are only charged once
    • If you are uncomfortable with this bug, but still would like to donate you can do so alternatively via paypal
  • We have engaged the developer of the software we use to make these items possible and they are working on the fix with no currently known ETA.
  • If you discover any further bugs that we’ve missed, please notify Kearthe as soon as possible with any relevant details to your bug.

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