We have just implemented some updates to our role assigning bots and some bug fixes to the bot which creates voice channels. We expect there to be little to no impact on users from these changes, but there are some exciting new features we want you to be aware of.

Role Bot Update & #setup-profile update

You will now find 3 new icons in the setup profile section which pertain to pings and notifications.

Calendar icon – when checked will enroll you to receive server mentions with event related announcements and happenings so you will always be aware when a new event is loaded or important information is shared pertaining to our events.

Newspaper icon – when checked will enroll you to receive server mentions whenever important news, articles, website updates, etc have been released (messages such as this one)

Content Icon (Twitch logo) – when checked this will ping you when our official stream or stream partners go live, as well as new official video releases such as mantages for example. With this change all stream announcements have been moved to #Livestreams to be removed from the general flow of #chat but will ping you, so be sure to turn this on if you want to know when new official content is made available.


Channel Bot Bug Fix

No longer deletes messages that are not bot commands but start with ;  (for example ;D)

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