2 Become 1

May 2020 – When Two Become One

In 1996, the Spice Girls released a song called “2 become 1”. They predicted the events of today, May 20, 2020. It’s my pleasure to announce the joining of two rocket league communities.

Yesterday, we announced the changes to our staff structure to help facilitate how we do things. Now it’s time to announce another awesome change. By the end of this week, we will have brough the Rocket Wheels tournament discord into our community, helping to change MAN for the better.

Rocket Wheels is a rocket league tournament community that runs approximately bi-weekly tournaments for rocket league. With their community, we will be also bringing in some staff, including our new tournament coordinator, Ripperr, and some other new staff members in tournaments and graphics.

It is our intention to start running bi-weekly tournaments with prizes in form of rocket league items and credits. As we gain the financial means, we may branch out into different avenues of prizes. These tournaments will be run alongside our existing monthly MRRS and quarterly MCS tournaments, and alongside all of the events that Marcie and her Events team will be running. For those interested, make sure to go to #setup-profile and grab the newly added RL Tournaments role that will open up the tournament channels later this week!

Please take some time to welcome them as they join into MAN over the next week or so. Stay tuned for our first tournament which will also feature the return of the MAN Stream! Have fun out there and keep zoomin’!

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